Children and Play Therapy

Play Therapy

“Toys are like the child’s words and play is the child’s language”

-Gary Landreth

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Childhood is a time of tremendous growth. I specialize in addressing the developmental, emotional, and social needs of children so that they can reach developmental milestones, nip problem behaviors in the bud, and get the extra support and tools they need to flourish. 

What is Play Therapy?

This type of therapy for children is useful because they use toys and other expressive arts to express themselves. Often times, children are not able to express their thoughts and feelings because they have not developed the emotional vocabulary and cognitive skills yet. Instead of verbal language, children can use toys through play to communicate to the counselor their thoughts and emotions. And the therapist can utilize the toys to explore their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

My Approach

My approach to play therapy is from a developmental, attachment, and Adlerian perspective. After your initial parent consultation, I will assess what approach is best for your child based on the information you provide and your child’s interest and feelings towards therapy. I incorporate a mixture of directive and non-directive approaches in the play room based on need. Parents are often times brought in the play room to build attachment, explore the parent/child relationship, and help parents reinforce new skills at home.

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