Areas of Practice

Amy Oxener, Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializes in working with child, teens, and parents. Amy is continuously learning and growing her skill set to meet individual needs. She is currently working towards her Registered Play Therapist certification and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

*In person and telehealth appointments available*

Areas of Practice

Aim to decrease impulsivity, inattention, and distractions while helping children and parents feel empowered and hopeful.

Some children exhibit separation anxiety, social anxiety, perfectionistic behaviors, generalized anxiety, OCD, or specific fears. Children and their parents can develop tools to regulate their physiological symptoms and improve their thought processes.

Your child could be struggling with attachment if there was disruption or trauma in their early years of life. Attachment based treatment includes parents and child in many sessions.

Behavior Issues
Is your child acting out at home? Not listening to what you ask of them? Defiance? By working with parents and the child we can identify underlying causes and target the behavior.

Depression in your child could often look like angry outburst, have continuous sadness or hopelessness, social withdrawal, lack of appetite, frequent crying spells, difficulty concentrating, reduced interests in activities, lack of motivation, etc.

Working with children of divorced parents gives them a sense of control they often times lack in real life. Some children grieve the loss of their house, being as a whole family, traditions, holiday celebrations all while adjusting to their new normal.

Grief and loss
Children and teens can grieve death of a loved one, loss of friendships, or a change in routine. Through expressive modalities and parent support, children can become resilient.

Identity and Purpose
Is your teen struggling with who they are, not interested in anything, not wanting to talk to you, or have no motivation? Understanding their strengths and values in therapy will help empower them.

School issues
Are you getting phone calls weekly about your child’s behavior? Let’s work together to figure out your child’s motivation, trigger points, and underlying issues.

Self Esteem
Low self esteem can lead into behavioral problems, friendship issues, anger, and immaturity. Through interactive play and expressive modalities your child can build the confidence they need to be resilient and successful.

We all experience stress to some degree. Play therapy and teen counseling can help the child or teen sort through and break down their stressors to be more manageable.

Trauma is our body’s response to something significant that has happen in our life. By bringing your child’s body into a relaxed muscle state, they will be able to process their trauma and move forward. Trauma therapy incorporates parents and children in many sessions.

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